Environmental Commitment
Environmental Commitment

SEVAM attaches particular importance to its commitments in terms of environmental protection. This eco-responsible approach is reflected in the following measures:

1Promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies

through the installation of a photovoltaic power station, intended for self-consumption, with a capacity of 3.4 MWc. These solar panels will cover 21% of the electrical consumption of the packaging site.

2Evaluate and minimize the environmental impacts of investment projects and optimization of our processes

A major investment was made in 2021 through the renovation of the No. 2 furnace of packaging using recent technology which guarantees significant energy savings. This furnace provides for the possibility of installing filters intended to purify the smoke at a significant investment. The smoke thus released would be filtered, treated and returned for evacuation through the chimney, thus improving CO2 emissions.

3Limit the production of waste, recycle and recover it

through, among other things, closed-loop recycling of recovered glass. Indeed Sevam has developed a partnership with its customers for the recovery of cullet or products to be reformed, these are 100% recyclable, thus reducing the consumption of heavy fuel oil.

4Rational use of resources including water, energy, and raw materials

Sevam eliminates waste by recycling cooling water, recovering internal cullet and improving yields.

5Reduce polluting emissions

Through the conclusion of a long-term rental contract for the SEVAM car fleet, vehicles intended for business trips are thus replaced every 4 years, which makes it possible to minimize GHG emissions (fuel combustion) for its vehicles, by having cars with less polluting and more ecological engines. SEVAM's adoption of public transport for employees is also part of this process. And finally, the use of electric industrial fork trucks.

6Put in place preventive safety protection measures

In particular by bringing the butane tank into conformity on the glassware production plant.